Wire Products

The Group's 100% owned subsidiary, SMI Wire Sdn Bhd, has a manufacturing license to produce galvanized iron wires, hard-drawn wires, PVC coated wires, black annealed wires and staple wires. These products are used for making chain-linked fences, barbed wires, wiremesh, armoured cable and also for the construction and building industry.

The manufacturing activities of SMI Wire are carried out at its factory in Johor Bahru, which is located at the southern part of the Malaysia Peninsular. This is the first industry that the Company had ventured into when it was incorporated.

To date SMI Wire is a well known player in the industry and has become one of the major producers of normal galvanized iron wires, hard-drawn wires and PVC coated galvanized iron wires in Malaysia. The Company secured this leading position through its emphasis on quality, timely delivery and competitive pricing.

The wires are directly marketed by SMI Wire to end-users as well as through agents and retail hardware outlets. In addition, a substantial portion of the output is exported to countries such as Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Key Products:
  • Galvanized wires
  • Hard-drawn steel wires
  • PVC coated iron wires
  • Staple wires

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